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Priyanka Chopra's Reason For Rarely Taking Sick Days Off Work Is Why She's A Role Model

"I'm a tough girl."

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The Interview magazine spoke to Priyanka Chopra ahead of Quantico's second season premiere.

Despite having a hectic seven-day work week which can get "physically exhausting", Chopra explains why she's amazing at her job:

"I'm a tough girl, I know what my job entails—it entails a lot more than standing in front of the camera. So I get it. I won't deny the physicality of it is exhausting, and sometimes my body just can't keep up. But it is ultimately about mind over matter. I learned very early in my career that when I don't arrive on set, production will shut down, which means people won't get paid; there's that much responsibility. So I learned that whatever it is, you have to show up for the job, and power through."

So this, in Chopra's words, may be her memoir...

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And this is how she may feel on particularly stressful work days...

But her solid work ethic that makes her the best at her job, is what we all can learn from.

You can read the interview here.