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    Posted on 22 Jul 2016

    Priyanka Chopra Is An Adorable Long Distance Aunt

    Priyanka maasi is a whole new kind of cute.

    This is Krishna Sky Sarkisian. Apart from being a professional cutie, she is also Priyanka Chopra's niece.

    And being the perfect long distance aunt, who has a busy schedule and doesn't often get to see the baby, Chopra misses her niece a lot.

    Instagram: @priyankachopra

    She is also obsessed with her because obviously.

    She makes up for it by sharing lots of cute AF pictures of the child.


    And just in case you weren't convinced, PC just shared this adorable photo that proves that their bond is strong no matter the distance.

    Here's hoping that Chopra gets to babysit this little muffin a lot more.

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