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    Priyanka Chopra Did The Iconic "Baywatch" Slo-Mo Run On Seth Myers' Show And It Wasn't Satisfying

    The Hoff probably won't approve.

    Priyanka Chopra appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers to promote her upcoming Hollywood release Baywatch.

    And on the show, Myers kinda questioned Chopra's taste in TV shows...

    Which she fervently defended.

    It all led up to the moment when Chopra got off the couch to recreate the iconic Baywatch slo-mo run. She had the eye of the tiger.

    Things looked promising because Chopra has been a pro at this.

    Dharma Productions

    BUT it wasn't as effective as I expected it to be.


    You won't be seeing Chopra running in slo-mo in the movie as she plays the antagonist who isn't part of the lifeguards' squad.

    Watch Chopra do the Baywatch slo-mo run here:

    View this video on YouTube