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15 Times Priyanka Chopra Goddamn Owned 2015

Bow down to the queen.

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1. When she refused to be an Indian stereotype on American television.

ABC / Via BollywoodLife

2. And then she starred in ABC's Quantico as an FBI trainee whose ethnicity is incidental to the plot.


3. When she was outraged about politically-motivated bans on films.

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It's too sad to see how films and actors become political pawns! Bans based on baseless propaganda.. Holding films ransom just before they release so that publicity can be garnered for certain agendas by forcing a producer to their knees.. How does no one speak up for what is right?... I know I may get into trouble for saying all this but I can't be a silent witness to character defamation based on opinions anymore.. That is not what, the India I grew up, taught me.

4. When she spoke out about the wage gap in the film industry. / Via PTI

5. When she used her star status to talk about the girl child's education.

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6. When she busted the myth about co-actresses being mean to each other.

Filmfare / Via TOI

7. When she starred in Dil Dhadakne Do where she plays a badass feminist character.

Excel Entertainment

8. When she slayed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

BuzzFeed India / Via Jimmy Kimmel Live

9. When she took American media by storm. / Via TOI

10. When Forbes India titled her a trailblazer.

Forbes India

11. And when international magazines couldn't stop talking about her.

BuzzFeed India

12. When she became Asia's Sexiest Woman Alive.

Cosmopolitan India

13. When she spoke about being bullied in school.

But then she went on to become a huge part of American pop culture with Quantico so, guess who won.
bollywoodmantra / Via Deccan Chronicle

But then she went on to become a huge part of American pop culture with Quantico so, guess who won.

14. When she called out sexism flawlessly.

JustJared / Via TOI

15. And when her face was splashed all over Times Square.



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