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    Everything That Happened When Priyanka Chopra Chatted With Stephen Colbert

    "I have to be very careful of what I say on TV because I'm here on a visa."

    Priyanka Chopra was one of the guest celebrities on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on February 2, 2017.

    Ray Tamarra / GC Images

    And before we talk about anything else, can we take a moment to soak in how 🔥 she looked for the show?

    Chopra started off by explaining to Colbert why she doesn't like the word "Bollywood".

    She also pointed out how La La Land's success might be instrumental in dismantling America's stereotypical view of the Hindi film industry.

    Colbert tried selling the term "Mumbaiwood" as a replacement to "Bollywood" but Chopra wasn't into it.

    Chopra also took a subtle dig at the current American president.

    About her accent, this is what she said to settle the debate about it being fake or made-up:

    She also revealed her true self as a bro. And Colbert wanted nothing more but to be her bro.

    Chopra's wicked yet stunning look in her upcoming comedy Baywatch was revealed to the audiences.

    And Colbert was concerned by how Chopra laughed in the face of terror.

    You can watch Chopra's interview with Stephen Colbert here:

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