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18 Reasons Paneer Is The Most Reliable, Strong, Obvious Choice For Any Meal

Chicken samajh ke khaa ja.

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Hello, fellow humans. Are you wondering what to order for lunch? Have you been gaping at a menu for the last 45 minutes? Are you about to give up and order biryani, yet again? I'm here to help. Paneer is what you need right now.


17. Paneer doesn't try to but has always been lowkey desirable to the non-vegetarian folk. Think back to all those times you ordered tandoori paneer and your bitch-ass non-veg friends ate most of it while sheepishly admitting to how good it tastes.

18. This is a plea to my meat-eating fellow humans. Open up your hearts (and menus) and order that mutter paneer, kadhai paneer, paneer butter masala, palak paneer, tandoori paneer or what have you. I swear you won't be let down.

Srishti Dixit is a Bollywood/celebrity writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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