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    Posted on 21 Oct 2016

    15 Times Shraddha Kapoor Was Too Pure On Instagram

    She's a pure joy to follow.

    1. When she held a baby cow and didn't want to let it go.

    2. When she looked like a soft angel in cozy knitwear.

    3. When she took this artsy photo of a sunset.

    4. When she and her best friend, Shiloh, were two distinct rays of sunshine.

    5. When someone took this honest "bae caught me slipping lol" photo of her.

    6. When she was acting like a dork with her dad.

    7. And when her goofiness was unbridled.

    8. When she shared this throwback photo of her as an adorable bb.

    9. When she was ridiculously excited about the morning...

    10. And jalebis.

    11. When she put her head out of the car window to soak in the night breeze.

    12. When she doodled on her own foot because she could.

    13. When the Snapchat flower wreath filter seemed almost too natural on her.

    14. When she unleashed the goof on her Instagram followers, just before she was about to walk the ramp as a showstopper.

    15. And when she looked like a perfect angel posing with her perfect angel in this photo.

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