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    Om Swami Bragged About Assaulting Elizabeth Taylor To Deepika Padukone On "Bigg Boss" And 'Twas Hell

    "A man can get on national television and claim how women have benefited from his violent streak. And, no one questions him."

    The tenth season of popular reality show Bigg Boss premiered last night and Deepika Padukone at the premiere to promote her upcoming Hollywood release xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

    This season has a mix of "common folk" and "celebrities" co-existing inside the house and one of the contestants is Om Swami.

    Upon entering the house, he recounted a story to Padukone about how late Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor visited him in India. Swami claimed that Taylor's outfit angered him as it was "revealing and transparent" so he kicked her on the waist.

    Swami claimed that he "cured" Taylor of her chronic backache with his kick. This is what Padukone's face was the whole time Swami spoke to her.

    Swami, on national television, boasted of assaulting a woman.

    He bragged about kicking a woman, to other women.

    VJ Bani Judge, who is also a contestant on the show, was also part of this conversation but she decided to walk away from it.

    This isn't the first time Swami has behaved inappropriately with a woman. Since the episode premiere, this old video of Swami hitting astrologer Deepa Sharma on an IBN7 panel has gone viral. Watch it from 0:36.

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    People were obviously pissed by the douchebaggery they witnessed on their TVs last night.

    This Swamiji has assaulted Elizabeth Taylor.. what the what.

    And they couldn't help but notice that Padukone was uncomfortable.

    Deepika so wants to slap this Swami for his lectures on how a woman should be fully covered 😂😂😂 #BB10WithSalmanKhan

    Someone get my bae Deepika out of there, that swami is a weirdo. #BiggBoss10

    Bharat Ratna award to Deepika Padukone for not slapping the shit out of #BiggBoss10 contestant Swami's mouth.

    Deepika deserves an award for pretending to take swami guy seriously when he was telling her KICKass tale of his miracle #BiggBoss10

    So. YEP. Movie promotions aren't easy, y'all.