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16 Pictures Of R. Madhavan That Will Totally Justify Your Childhood Crush

Mad for Maddy.

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1. R. Madhavan's cuteness can make you weep with joy.

Madras Talkies

2. Look at that angelic smile and that steady gaze.

3. A smile like that can get you through a bad day.

Madras Talkies

4. And this one too.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

5. A smile like that can be cashed for a million dollars.

6. Cry because you will never have Madhavan looking at you lovingly.

Cee (I) TV Entertainment Ltd.

7. He looks ten times cuter when he is confused.

Madras Talkies

8. Don't you just want to squish him when he tries to act tough?

Atul Kasbekar

9. He is human perfection.

JFW / Via

10. Look at him being all professional. Professional heart-stealer.

Madras Talkies

11. Madhavan, are you trying to kill us?

Ranganathan Madhavan / Via Instagram

12. He looks even better scruffy.

Ranganathan Madhavan / Via Instagram

13. Behold, grungy Madhavan.

UTV Motion Pictures

14. Now prepare for heartsplosion because buff Madhavan is here with his rippling muscles.

UTV Motion Pictures

15. Is it possible to run our fingers through his glorious mane without coming across as creepy?

Ranganathan Madhavan / Via Instagram

16. *dead*

Never stop killing us with cuteness, Maddy.

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