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    Posted on 26 Jul 2016

    Akshay Kumar's Giant Fake-Ass Man Bun Needs To Be Stopped

    Delete that bun.

    Akshay Kumar has a cameo in the upcoming Varun Dhawan and John Abraham-starrer Dishoom. This is his look in the film:

    First of all, WHAT THE HECK?

    This is regular Akshay Kumar minus a fake man bun. You would call him daddy, right?

    GQ India


    And I am most definitely not the only one who feels so strongly against this man bun from hell:

    Akshay Kumar's man bun has its own man bun.

    How do I unsee this. 🙈

    Why do you look like a 50 year old woman?

    Oh no! The man-bun. Please no.

    To conclude:

    Twitter: @akshaykumar

    Thank you for your time.

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