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    Updated on 3 Sep 2020. Posted on 6 Oct 2016

    You 100% Won’t Recognise Nargis Fakhri From This 2004 Audition From “America’s Next Top Model"

    Throwback to when Nargis was an awkward model.

    Nargis Fakhri is a beautiful and hilarious goofball.

    But were you aware that before starting her career as a Bollywood actress, Nargis auditioned to become America's Next Top Model?

    I did not know about it. But then I found this video of Nargis being all cute and awkward in front of Tyra Banks.

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    In the video, Nargis walks up to the judges and awkwardly tries convincing them to make her the next "Top Model".

    She quickly follows it up with, "If I can speak right."

    And Tyra Banks unleashes some of her signature savagery on her.

    And Nargis seems super unsure of everything.

    Nervous Nargis = Me IRL.

    But Nargis didn't need to become America's Next Top Model because the world took notice anyway.

    And look what a gorgeous swan she turned into.

    Instagram: @nargisfakhri

    Takeaway: Don't stop believing.

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