20 Revelations From Sunny Leone's Documentary That'll Undo How You See The Star

    Mostly Sunny is now available on Netflix.

    Back in 2016, Sunny Leone announced that she doesn't want the documentary Mostly Sunny to release in India because "that’s not the story that's mine. This is somebody else’s opinion, somebody else’s vision."

    In an interview with PTI, Leone claimed, "It's not a biopic made on my life where you can manipulate and say what you want. I don’t see my story as a sob story, where something went wrong. There's so much material in the documentary which was not needed, or that was shown."

    Despite Leone's disapproval, Mostly Sunny, shot by Dilip Mehta went for a worldwide release last year at multiple film festivals like TIFF and MAMI. It was recently released on Netflix.

    The documentary touches upon Leone's life, from when she was shy kid growing up in Sarnia, Ontario, to her becoming a successful adult fim star and later a Bollywood sensation.

    Here are some excerpts from the documentary:

    1. Growing up Leone was a shy girl.

    2. She found performing at people's weddings absurd and exciting.

    3. She hid her foray into adult entertainment from her parents at first.

    4. She used her brother Sundeep Vohra's nickname as her stage name.

    5. And her mom didn't approve.

    6. She was pretty popular among her brother's friends.

    7. Despite finding acceptance in India, Leone never found it in Canada's Indian community.

    8. Leone talked about dealing with haters.

    9. And she described the nerve-wracking experience of confessing her career to her folks.

    10. Even Leone’s husband Daniel Weber had a story to share about how his parents found out about their career.

    11. Leone remembered the time she faced backlash for being an Indian adult film actress.

    12. And about the assumptions people still make about her.

    13. The actress spoke about losing her mother.

    14. She also talked about feeling isolated in Bollywood.

    15. Once she figured out she wanted out of the porn industry, she had a plan.

    16. The documentary sheds light on outsiders' perspective on Leone. Author and actor Suhel Seth explained why he thinks India is obsessed with Sunny.

    17. Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi vilified Leone and her past as a porn star.

    18. And Leone responded to it.

    19. She explained how her life choices were based on her shrewd business acumen.

    20. And that her ability to assess her worth in the world would be her legacy.

    You can check out the documentary here.