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    Posted on 8 Jul 2016

    Varun Dhawan On This Magazine Cover Is The Nice Guy Your Mom Would Approve Of

    "Beta, kabhi ghar aao chai peene."

    This is Varun Dhawan. He is a stud. He is the perfect stranger you are insanely attracted to but your mom is hella suspicious of.

    "What? You are going out with Varun? He better drop you home before sunset." - your mom, probably.

    But here is his latest cover for Hi! Blitz. He is fully-clothed, sporting a pair of extra-geeky glasses, and posing not a single threat to your mom's sanskaar.

    Rohan Shrestha / Via Hi! Blitz

    This cover will get your mom's stamp of approval while simultaneously getting your "nnnngghhhhh yaaass"

    Basically, get a man who can do both.

    Hi! Blitz

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