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    Look At These Adorable Pictures Of Jackie Chan Doing A Bollywood-Style Dance Sequence

    More like Jacutie Chan, amirite?

    Jackie Chan is currently in Jodhpur shooting for the upcoming Indo-Chinese movie Kung Fu Yoga. The film also stars Bollywood actor Sonu Sood.

    Because it is a part-Bollywood production, Kung Fu Yoga has some mandatory song and dance. And Chan is killing it, full-power.

    Look at him go...

    Bollywood dance can be stressful. Here is Jackie taking a break from all the enthusiasm.

    He must have been pretty good at the dance because his choreographer Farah Khan was hella impressed.

    The King of action CAN dance n how!! Changing his name 2 Jackie Jackson!! #kungfu yoga

    I personally cannot wait to see Jackie busting out his cool moves for this movie.