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Before Claiming Engineers Haven't Got Game, Let Us Talk About Nivin Pauly

This is important.

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You certainly know of this long-running gag about engineering students:

Well, it is unfair and pretty inaccurate because look at this fine specimen of a man called Nivin Pauly.

He is currently one of the most popular Malayali actors in India.

And guess what Pauly did before he became a movie star?

Yep, he was an engineer.

An Electronics & Communication Engineer, to be precise.
Instagram: @nivinpauly

An Electronics & Communication Engineer, to be precise.

And he is dreamy enough to shatter all engineering student stereotypes single-handedly.

This dapper dude used to work for Infosys in Bangalore.

Don't tell me engineers haven't got game.

FWDlife / Via

Because this one right here clearly knows he does.

And if anyone tells you that engineering is the bane of your dating life, tell them how Pauly met and fell in love with his wife Rinna Joy, whilst pursuing a degree in engineering.

Aaanddd that he also has a beautiful son.

Oh and before we leave can you just take a sec to admire that glorious beard on the man?

Anwar Rasheed Entertainments

That'll be all.

Anwar Rasheed Entertainments / Via Tumblr