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Ekta Kapoor Savagely Schooled A Reporter On Why Women Should Openly Talk About Sex

"It's time we talk about sex like adults."

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Back in February, Alankrita Shrivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burkha was denied certification because its "story is lady oriented" and a "fantasy above life".

Balaji Motion Pictures

Ekta Kapoor stepped in as a distributor for the movie after it received theatrical release rights with some cuts and an A certification from a film certification tribunal (FCAT).

Balaji Motion Pictures

Thereafter, a new trailer was released, which was a special "fuck you" to the censor board.

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Recently, at the trailer launch, a reporter asked the cast and crew this question:

And well, Ekta Kapoor took the query head-on, explaining why discussing sex is frikkin' important.

She spoke about the skewed nature of public morality and policing.

And about double standards that exist to put women at a disadvantage.

YAAASS. Tell 'em what's good, Ekta.

All the while, Kapoor was brimming with pride about her decision to invest her resources into this movie.

Check out Ekta Kapoor BAMF response here:

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