McDonalds’ Bafflingly Cute And Progressive Ad Is A Glimpse At A Better India

    In this divided and outraged world, here's a nice reminder that we can get along.

    McDonalds' food may be gradually clogging your arteries but their new ad is actually good for your stone-cold heart, and our unprecedentedly polarised country.

    The ad shows pairs of people with distinct clothing, eating, lifestyle preferences, peacefully coexisting with one another.

    And the jingle (which is the best and my new motto for life) goes, "You are you. I am me. Whatever it is, let it be. We are different, different but together."

    CC: Yogi Adityanath, gaurakshaks and everyone on Twitter.

    "Life would be dull if we were all the same. You are unique and so am I. We are different, different but together."

    This jingle is what the world needs right now.

    Sure, it's an ad for a multinational cholesterol-spreading capitalism symbol. But on Indian TV, where every other ad is either sexist or racist or ageist or straight-up idiotic, this one is a breath of fresh, progressive air.

    Because our love for junk food unites us as human beings. Let's save the world one calorie at a time.

    Make all your bigoted friends and fam watch adorable ad here:

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