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    Posted on 27 Apr 2017

    Katrina Kaif Finally Gave In To Instagram After Resisting It For Several Years

    Katrina's conflict with this decision began way back in 2015, when I asked her why she avoids social media like the plague.

    Back in 2015, I asked Katrina Kaif why she isn't on any social media platform she hit me with this philosophical response.

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    It was heavy.

    In 2016, I got a clearer understanding of why Katrina, an attractive person, still wasn't pro-Instagram. This time around her reservations with the platform made a lot more sense.

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    “I can’t have an Instagram account because people won’t be able to handle it.”

    But Katrina fans, take a few deep breaths, hold a loved one's hand, and sit if need be because 🚨KATRINA IS FINALLY ON INSTAGRAM!!!🚨

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    On April 27, 2017, Katrina, having mulled over it for more than two years, decided that the people were finally ready to "handle it".

    Here is her first post.

    Within 3 hours of starting her Instagram account, Katrina has amassed almost 4,80,000 followers. She already has that white border Insta aesthetic going. Get it, girl!

    You might catch her acting like an adorkable buffoon because there's enough evidence of that being her actual self on her Facebook profile.

    This is all we have for now. Until next time.

    You can follow Katrina here.

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