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Katrina Kaif Wants To Be A Part Of "Game Of Thrones" So I've Made Her A Resume That'd Help

I'm invested in this and you should be too.

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Think about it. Katrina would be perfect for GoT. *holds out index finger* she loves Jon Snow, *holds out thumb* being "moody and brooding" is her thing and *holds up the L sign* you are a loser if your opinion on this whole thing is that she can't do it.

In case you're not entirely convinced, I've volunteered to help Katrina flesh out a resume to show at the next GoT auditions.


So @HBO, @GeorgeRRMartin, @GoTCastingDirector, @Khaleesi, @Jon, @Cersei, @Jaime, @Tyrion and @AnyoneWhoHasActualAuthorityToMakeItHappen, please hire Katrina for the final season of GoT. She won't let you down.


Also @everyone who'll @ me in the comments: I'm still waiting for my cheque from Katrina for writing this.