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Shah Rukh And Salman's "Bigg Boss" Promo Is Here And We Don't Know How To Deal With It


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Shah Rukh Khan will soon be seen promoting his upcoming movie Dilwale on Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss and they just dropped a promo video that has us screaming in excitement.

The video has the two of them reuniting in the epic kali maa ka mandir from Karan Arjun.

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They refer to their past animosity and take fake, filmy jabs at each other.

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Subtle, guys.

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But they finally address the issue that's on everyone's minds.

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Along the way, SRK and Salman realise that they are just a couple of dudes out in the world, spreading love.

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They also give us massive BFF goals.

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Watch the whole video here.

CAN. NOT. WAIT for this Karan Arjun sequel.

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