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    18 Times Kangana Ranaut Ran Out Of Fucks To Give

    “Has Bollywood accepted you?” “I don’t care.”

    1. When she was her own hero.

    2. When she cancelled all jokes about her accent.

    India Today

    3. When she refused to be moulded by stereotypes...

    STR / Stringer

    4. ...Because stereotypes are boring.

    5. When she politely sassed a reporter for asking "Who are you wearing tonight?".

    6. When she was genuinely unapologetic.

    7. When she shut down a question about actresses having limited shelf lives.

    8. When she didn't pretend to save face.

    9. When she stated this fact.

    10. When she was honest.


    11. When she dropped a truth bomb directly on Karan Johar.


    12. When she had a great life lesson to give.

    13. When she made this joke.

    14. When she got real.


    15. When she rejected people's judgement.

    16. When she called out Karan and didn't hold back.


    17. When she bamboozled Karan on his own chat show.


    18. And when she didn't have a solitary fuck to spare.