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    Posted on 27 Feb 2016

    KRK Tried Trolling Alia Bhatt On Twitter But Got His Ass Handed To Him Instead

    Best day.

    Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra looked sinfully hot on the Vogue India cover recently.

    Vogue India

    And KRK being the top-order shit-spewer that he is, decided to make a sick comment about the cover.


    Sidharth replied to KRK's tweet with a perfect comeback.


    KRK being KRK, didn't back down.


    Naturally, Sidharth continued the ass whooping.




    KRK's low-lifery kicked in hard as he started retweeting fellow sickos who support him. But Sidharth has a life and a job and more important things to do so he just got back to it.

    Dharma Productions / Via Tumblr

    Good on you, Sid.

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