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    Posted on 27 Dec 2015

    TVF's Hilarious Video Shows What A Crime It Is To Dislike Shah Rukh Khan And Kajol

    Haters, be warned.

    You simply cannot have the audacity to say that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are not the single most amazing and romantic onscreen couple in Bollywood.

    TVF / Via YouTube

    Because how dare you.

    In its latest video, comedy collective The Viral Fever shows exactly how the SRK-Kajol fandom deals with the haters.

    TVF / Via YouTube

    Spoiler: It is quite chilling.

    A man called Jeetu goes to the movies with his friends and casually disses the power of magic created by SRK and Kajol on the silver screen .

    TVF / Via YouTube

    Little does Jeetu know that disliking SRK and Kajol has made him a wanted criminal by an "agency of unemployed fans" who solely operate to "protect the interests of their Almighty."

    TVF / Via YouTube

    Watch the video here to see if Jeetu survives.

    TVF / Via YouTube

    It'll look pretty familiar to anyone who's seen the "Saturday Night Live" sketch Beygency, in which an agency hunts down anyone who dislikes Beyonce.

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