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18 Times Sonakshi Sinha Made You Wanna Steal Her Outfits In 2016

Sonakshi's fashion was a game-changer this year.

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1. When you wanted to be a low-key dominatrix in this ensemble.

2. When you wanted to cut up a floral maxi dress just to recreate this.

3. When you wanted to be basic and extra in equal measure.

4. When you knew that you'd happily wax your armpits only for this off-shoulder beauty.

5. Or when you wanted this ensemble real bad on a day you had zero waxing done.

6. When you wanted to be personal friends with Anita Dongre just so that you could borrow this traditional finery.

7. When you wanted to throw a high tea party just so that you could put on this outfit.

8. When you wished for this pinafore culotte jumpsuit to magically appear in your wardrobe.

9. When you wanted to look like a dewy mermaid and escape the world.

10. When you wanted to look this no-nonsense in a white jumpsuit.

Viral Bhayani

11. When you wanted your own exclusive fairy godmother to beat Cinderella at her own game.

12. When you wanted your obsession with all black to look this chic.

13. When you wanted to save the world as a superhero wearing this outfit.

14. When you wanted to look this sexy and sanskaari.

15. When you wanted to get in on the trench dress trend with this fierce ensemble.

16. When you wanted this outfit to troll your mom about being ready for rishtas.

17. When you wanted to look like a glamour bomb in this ensemble for every important date.

18. And when you wanted this dress because of its customised appeal to your soul.