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I Made A German Dude Watch "K3G" For The First Time And He Had 41 Burning Questions

"There are pyramids in India? Are all people in Bollywood movies rich AF? And is Anjali clinically insane?"

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Hello, everyone. You know me, I'm your old pal Srishti and also the resident Bollywood writer at BuzzFeed India. A few days ago, I made friends with Maximilian Zender, who is a writer for BuzzFeed Deutschland. Here are photos of our faces:

Being a woman of refined taste, I recommended Maximilian to watch the most grand, irreplaceable and inimitable cinematic marvel to have been birthed by the Indian film industry, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. He delved into it immediately.

2. You call this a "house”?

Imaan Sheikh / Dharma Productions

Answer: No, we call this a "castle". I think the Raichands rent only a quarter of that place (I'm not sure though, so reaching out to the production house for comment).

5. What about this gesture?

Dharma Productions

Answer: This one's my personal favourite. The message being transmitted here is, "My mom has called 57 times so I need to leave urgently but can we have a quickie first?"

7. The only kissing I saw (during the entire movie) was this. Is the neck where all the first base action happens in Bollywood?

Dharma Productions / Via

Answer: When actors don't get to kiss onscreen, the filmmakers have to resort to the "cleavage-sniffing" workaround.

8. Why are Anjali and her friend cracking nuts without eating them?

Dharma Productions

Answer: Indian women store food in hollow trees and underground to prepare for harsh winters.

16. What's with the awkward ankle touching?

Dharma Productions

Answer: We touch the feet of our elders to greet them (it's a way of showing respect) and sometimes we don't reach all the way to the feet so we settle for ankles. It's snappier, low effort and gets the point across instantly.

17. Why is Shah Rukh Khan always on the run?

Dharma Productions

Answer: They never mention what he does for a living, so my guess is that he's a contract killer which requires him to be on the run.

19. Have you noticed that Shah Rukh Khan has been wearing the exact same shoes for about 10 years?

Dharma Productions

Answer: I HAD NOT, IN FACT, NOTICED THIS OMG. Money must be tight in the contract killing business.

21. Why is Shah Rukh Khan clapping like this DURING A NORMAL CONVERSATION?

Dharma Productions / Via

Answer: If you look carefully, you can see how he realises that this is stupid and he stops immediately.

27. Do Indian fathers like their daughters as much as they like their sons?

Dharma Productions

Answer: Well, I don't know about that, but I wish they'd educate their sons as much as they preach to their daughters.

31. I have to know this: What is he eating there?

Dharma Productions

Answer: He's eating his namesake, laddu. Laddu is an Indian sweet made of sugar, milk, gram flour and Kourtney Kardashian's favourite ingredient ghee.

35. Why is Shah Rukh Khan not getting wet here? Is it because he's a demigod or something?

Dharma Productions

Answer: We're petitioning the government to change his status from human to superhuman.

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