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17 Things You Should Do If You Are Single On Valentine's Day


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Hello, my single comrades. It's Valentine's Day and you have no one to celebrate it with. So should you be crying about it?

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Should you be frantically calling people to whine about how miserable you are?

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Should you spend the day doing Asaram Bapu's bidding?

OH HELL NO. But call your mom, it's been a while.

OH HELL NO. But call your mom, it's been a while.

Here are a few things you can do to win Valentine's Day solo.

1. First of all, believe in this.

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2. Count all the money you saved from not buying an expensive outfit or fancy dinner.

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3. Learn to cook for yourself.

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4. Or just order in and devour it, no holds barred.

5. Take multiple selfies to document your singlehood because it might all be over some day.

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6. Stay away from an evening of third-wheeling at a couple's party.

7. Take a nice hot shower and do what comes naturally.

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8. Watch your all-time fav rom-coms and get way too emotionally involved.

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9. Tell your bed how much it means to you.

10. Shower yourself with presents because Valentine's Day sales are the bomb.

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11. Take yourself on a spa date.

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12. Open the damn bottles and let the river flow because you are awesome and you don't need an S.O. to validate that.

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13. Chill at a cat café.

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Try not to act like Sridevi while you're there.

14. Rejoice as technically, you are still in the running to be Mrs. Hrithik Roshan.

I know that will never happen but don't tell me how to dream my life, OK?

15. Go out for some ~Galentine's Day~ fun with your BFF.

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Breasties before testes.

16. The bond you share with yourself is the most important so spend this day cherishing it.

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17. And don't settle for anyone because the right person is just around the corner.

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