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14 Hrithik Roshan Tweets That Will Make You Say "Same"


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1. When your parents discourage you from going on a trip to Goa with friends.

2. When you finally agree to pose for a family picture.

3. When you're feeling yourself after your period is over.

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4. When you roll the best joints for your buddies.

5. When your friend gives you the last slice of pizza.

6. When you are trying to apologise after an argument with bae.

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7. When you go to the gym once.

8. When your period is late.

9. When you love masturbating 'cuz you're single AF.

10. When you are trying to quit online trolling for good.

11. When mom asks you the clean your room for the 1000th time.

12. When you get your hands on some really good weed.

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13. When you are stuck with a miserable lot in a group project.

14. When you are responsible for the hideous dent on your dad's expensive car.

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