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    13 Signs You Are The Class Clown Of Your Group

    Ya goof.

    1. You laugh the hardest at your jokes.

    2. This is you, waiting in anticipation after cracking a joke:

    3. You don't make anything but goofy faces for pictures.

    4. You think you are the funniest creation this planet has ever seen.

    5. And you take offence when others don't share your opinion.

    Vogue India

    6. You don't mind putting your dignity at stake for the sake of entertainment.

    Yash Raj FIlms

    7. You are the most-loved person in your group.

    8. You HATE being interrupted while cracking a joke.

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    9. You would do anything to cheer up your friend.

    10. Photobombing is second nature to you.

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    11. You love being the centre of attention.

    Red Chillies Entertainment

    12. Sometimes, your comedy tends to go a little too far and your friends have to clean up after you.

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    13. But everybody knows that you are where the party's at.

    Vogue India

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