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    Go Home Everybody, Lauren Gottlieb Just Won The "Beat Pe Booty" Challenge

    This is how it's done.

    Unless you've been blissfully unaware this whole time, you already know that there is a thing called the "Beat Pe Booty challenge". It entails people uploading videos of themselves dancing to the A Flying Jatt song. For reference:

    View this video on YouTube

    While most of the videos have been just about average, actress and dancer Lauren Gottlieb really upped the ante by uploading her entry for the challenge.

    It involved her and a crew of trained ballet dancers going all out.

    These dancers are from the Bender Performing Arts school in Arizona, U.S.A. and Lauren is an alumnus.

    It is the most glorious Instagram video of the day.

    This single-handedly makes up for all the other annoying and subpar videos out there.

    Thanks for the A+ performance, Lauren and crew.

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