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As A Couple, Ranveer And Deepika Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Make Us Feel Awful

Quit wringing my heart like a washcloth, you guys.

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Ranveer Singh won the Best Actor award for Bajirao Mastani and Deepika Padukone won the Best Actress award for Piku at this year's IIFA Awards.

IIFA - Pool / Getty Images
IIFA - Pool / Getty Images

During IIFA Rocks, Deepika was asked who she thought would win the Best Actor award: Salman or Ranveer. She said this:

And Ranveer being the leader of the unstoppable force of the best boyfriendhood, tweeted this:

Leela to my Ram... Mastani to my Bajirao... Best Actress to my Best Actor 🎭 @deepikapadukone #IIFA2016 Koi Shaq?

Twitter: @RanveerOfficial

He also dedicated his award acceptance speech to Deepika saying, "Girl, you are so fine. Nothing makes me happier than you, Deepika."

I need a moment to recuperate.
Twitter: @deepikaddicts

I need a moment to recuperate.

To conclude: