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Priyanka Chopra Has An Instagram For Her Puppy Where She Posts In First Person AS THE PUPPY

Because celebs get obsessed with their pets just like us.

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Following her natural instinct as an overly invested mother, Priyanka started an Instagram account just for her daughter. It's called "diariesofdiana". Spoiler: It's the most adorable Instagram page to have ever existed.


Priyanka and Diana document their lives as the two stunning divas of the entertainment and doggy world respectively. And the best part is that Priyanka captions the 'grams as Diana herself would, if she were a literate human.

Diana often goes out to conquer the Big Apple with her role model in a fancy doggy travel tote.

Instagram: @diariesofdiana

I, too, wish to be adopted by Priyanka and travel around New York in a cute tote. I'm not weird, you are.


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