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    Posted on 26 Jul 2016

    Dhoni And His Daughter Ziva Are The Cutest Things To Have Happened To Snapchat

    I can feel feelings in my heart and my uterus.

    This is Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni with the captain of his heart, Ziva Dhoni.

    Fortunately, Dhoni's wife Sakshi looooves to document them acting silly on social media.

    Exhibit A:

    Please play this video to understand why my ovaries are exploding.

    Exhibit Baaaaaomg:

    Facebook: MSDhoni

    Little puppies.💕💕

    Look at Princess Ziva being mad suspicious yet really into the doggy filter on Snapchat.

    Facebook: video.php

    Ziva is also a genius miracle baby because she is only one year old but can already say her mommy and daddy's names.

    Brb, getting my ovaries removed because I just cannot deal.

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