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12 Times Bollywood Celebrities Beautifully Slammed Body Shamers


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7. Zareen Khan shared an Instagram post to shut down all the body shaming she has faced since the beginning of her career.

Zareen Khan / Via Instagram

She said, "I never let people’s comments or ideas about me bother me. Because it’s my life and my body and only I have the right to decide what I’m gonna do with it... Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks but instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it, I believe in flaunting it. It makes me feel like a tigress with her stripes."


9. Sridevi's daughter Khushi Kapoor said a giant "Fuck You" to beauty standards, in this Instagram.

Khushi Kapoor / Via Instagram

She said, " It’s sad how in this day and age where feminism is finally getting the attention it deserves, girls still feel the need to tear each other down and indulge in body shaming. I don’t care if you think my stomach pops out or if I don’t fit into your idea of beautiful, but for your own conscience please realise that having such narrow minded opinions of people makes you an ugly person inside."

11. Vidya Balan let the tabloids know that she couldn't care less about being perpetually body-shamed by them.

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