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It's The Fucking Best To Be Alia Bhatt's Cats

These cats are living their best life.

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1. You get to chill with Alia Bhatt.

2. You are Alia Bhatt's best friend.

3. You get to be Alia's official day-maker.

4. Alia fights the good fight for you.

5. You are treated like a superstar, by the superstar.

6. The superstar also gets you coffee, and apologises if she messes it up.

7. Alia makes sure that you are sufficiently appreciated for your beauty.

8. You get to assist her on packing assignments.

9. You are the one she comes to for "intense conversations".

10. You are crowned queen by the queen herself.

11. You are part of Alia's major life events.

12. You are the object of her obsession.

13. Your superior taste in luxury items is always cherished.

14. You get to watch Alia's back.

15. You don't need a popular glossy to conduct photoshoots for you.

16. Instead, popular magazines work hard to get some of your precious time.

17. And you get to be your most unflattering self and still be loved by Alia.

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