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Before Going Mainstream, Priyanka Chopra Starred In This Hyper-Surreal Absurdist Acid Trip

Sit down, Dali.

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Before becoming an influential celebrity and endorsing a variety of brands...

Priyanka Chopra endorsed Josco Fashion Jewellers. And the internet being a burial ground that frequently erupts with throwback videos of celebs, gave us this "futuristic" ad featuring her.

The surrealistic use of computer-generated imagery is almost as awe-inspiring as watching Priyanka jump and grab jewellery hanging from the sky.

All the sky jewellery converts into the word "Josco" and floats right into a building. Priyanka then directly jumps off the mountain she was on, into the building and her costume changes instantly because she's probably a magician/anything is possible/you've just got to believe.

All the sky jewellery becomes ceiling jewellery that rains on her but she can't seem to catch 'em all.

But the ceiling jewellery is sentient so it casually places itself on Priyanka's body. Meanwhile, Priyanka is not shocked or scared by the phenomenon.

I have practically broken down the whole ad for you but for full effect watch the video any way:

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You can run, you can hide but you can't escape the internet.

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