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    8 Deeply Important Photos Of Malaika Arora Khan Buying Strawberries Off The Street

    Look at this post if you care about sustaining other people's livelihoods (well, kinda).

    1. This is Bollywood celebrity and frequent reality show host Malaika Arora Khan. She recently went out to eat some salad at a Mumbai restaurant.

    2. Before heading home, Khan stopped by a street-side vendor to buy some strawberries.

    3. While that's a super regular activity and literally all of us can do it, I got sent several photos of her doing it and she's a famous person so here we are.

    4. Fun fact ('cause what are we if we don't learn new things everyday?): There's a giant network of paparazzi photographers who keep track of celebs' schedules and their favourite restaurants via informants to stake them out and get us photos like these.

    5. It's a serious profession that requires people to wait around for hours together, just so they can take photos of celebs entering and exiting buildings. Read this Caravan article about it once you're done admiring how beautifully Malaika inspects each individual strawberry, as one should.

    6. Just by looking at these photos of a famous person performing a mundane task, you're indirectly paying the salaries of some of those photographers (as, publications like us pay them for photos). You're putting food on the table! You're contributing to livelihoods! You aren't inconsequential to the universe!

    7. Sure, you could have used the time you spent (or as haters would say, "wasted") looking at this post, on other important things like calling your mom or trying to figure out what's happening in Tamil Nadu right now but LOOK HOW FLAWLESS SHE LOOKS SHOPPING FOR STRAWBERRIES.

    8. That guy is me when I think about the sociocultural impacts of celebrity journalism and its contributions to global political apathy.

    Thank you, celebs, for performing your mundane tasks so beautifully. Thank you, paparazzi, for distracting me from real issues by providing these photos on the daily. Thank you, reader, for your relentless interest in celebrities and, therefore, for sustaining my salary. 🙏