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    51-Year-Old Salman Khan Plays The Role Of The 8-Year-Old "Little Boy" In "Tubelight"

    Salman is playing the lead that was originally an 8-year-old boy in the "inspiration" for this movie.

    In his upcoming release Tubelight, Salman Khan plays the role of a naive young man named Laxman.

    Salman Khan Films

    Laxman lives in a small town and he's not like other young men. He's different. Townspeople mockingly call him "Tubelight". There's only one person who has utmost faith in him — his brother Bharat (played by Sohail Khan).

    But Salman's Laxman seems to be heavily drawn from the character of Pepper from the 2015 fantasy-drama Little Boy.

    In the movie, Pepper, the "little boy", is made fun of because of his short stature but his father has absolute belief in his son's potential. The story takes a tragic turn when the father is drafted into the army during World War II. Pepper becomes determined to have enough faith that would bring his father home.

    Director of Tubelight Kabir Khan, told DNA, "It's (Little Boy) in the credits of Tubelight as Official Story Adaptation. But it’s just the seed of an idea. Everything else has been completely changed in Tubelight."

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    Damn right, Kabir Khan. Everything IS completely changed in your version.

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    Tubelight is not a blatant copy of Little Boy.

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    Both movies don't have token wise old men talking about the significance of "having faith".

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    Salman playing a role which was originally played by an 8-year-old is not weird at all.

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    They don't have the same crying face.

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    There's a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan in the trailer confirming reports that he plays a cameo in the film. Perhaps, he plays the role of the magician from Little Boy, who has a small yet instrumental role in the plot.

    Salman Khan Films and Open Road Films

    Here's the trailer of Salman's film:

    View this video on YouTube

    And this is the trailer of the 2015 movie that "inspired" it:

    View this video on YouTube

    Have fun. Ciao.

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