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18 Things You Know To Be True If You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Kajal

Ye kaali kaali aakhein.

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1. You feel forever indebted to kajal for making you feel like a goddess everyday.

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2. It's the only beauty product you swear by when you have less than two minutes to transform into an immaculate diva.

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3. Kajal is an essential ingredient in making dramatic eye-rolls and side-eyes 100% effective.

Dreamz Unlimited

4. But you know that wearing kajal and expecting the outcome to be exactly what you hoped for is impractical.

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5. Because no matter how many times you've applied kajal in your life, you manage to fuck it up royally almost every time.

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6. And when you do manage to get the desired outcome, you're tempted to never wash it off because who knows what tomorrow holds?

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7. But if you forget to remove it before going to bed, the next day is ruined.

8. If you touch your eye with kajal on, your day is ruined.


9. If you don't know where to stop with kajal, your day is ruined.

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10. Because sometimes, kajal can be resilient.

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11. Unless its summer because that season is particularly awful for one reason: kajal smudging.

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12. The months of April through July shatter all smudge-free claims kajal brands make, and you just have to keep wiping that lie.

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13. But if there is a brand that's a godsend for powering through all the sweat, you're good to go.

14. And when the months of living in a furnace get done, you resume your position as a flawless specimen.

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Yash Raj Films

15. On days you forget to wear it, you are personally attacked by questions about your health and well-being.

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16. The queries can make you rue the decision of not carrying your kajal stick around.

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17. You may have a case of permanent dark circles courtesy kajal but you're okay with it 'cause no kohl, no life.

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd

18. So let's raise a toast to celebrate kajal for making us look like a smokestorm, day in day out.