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    18 Hilarious Moments From Ranbir Kapoor And Ranveer Singh's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

    They are probably this season's most entertaining guests.

    After some serious hype, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh finally appeared together on tonight's Koffee With Karan episode.

    For those who don't know what the hype was about, here's some context: Ranbir Kapoor is Deepika Padukone's ex, who is now allegedly in a relationship with Ranveer Singh.

    Here are some moments from the episode:

    1. When Ranveer threatened to hurl Karan Johar's own shoe at him.

    2. When he made more fun of Karan's taste in shoes.

    3. When Ranbir went all out and said this about Ranveer and Deepika's relationship:

    4. When Ranveer couldn't stop hitting on Karan...

    And blamed it all on coffee.

    5. When Ranveer sassed Karan for being too nosey.

    6. When Ranbir quipped about being single.

    7. When Ranveer clarified just how perfect he is.

    8. When Ranveer escorted Ranbir off his high horse.

    9. When Arjun Kapoor dropped by on the show, to basically get competitively kissed by Ranbir and Ranveer.

    Arjun dropped by to play a game wherein Ranbir and Ranveer were to respond to Karan's yes/no questions by kissing/not kissing Arjun on his cheeks.

    10. When Ranbir contemplated for a moment whether or not to reveal himself as the friend who screwed over his other friend.

    11. When he was mega relatable as a drunk ex.

    12. When Ranveer couldn't handle being betrayed by Arjun.

    13. When Ranbir made this quip about SRK being a fan of his package in Befikre.

    14. And when his joke gave Ranbir the giggly giggles.

    15. When Ranveer made a case for why Sonam Kapoor should win all the awards for Neerja, as Sonam Kapoor herself.

    16. When Ranbir got puzzled by Ranveer's extra-subtle shade.

    17. When Ranveer couldn't believe for the life of him that he forgot the hook step of "O O Jaane Jaana".

    18. And when he outdid Ranbir while performing the hook step of "Chikni Chameli" to declare himself a winner.

    You can watch the entire episode here.

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