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    • sreevarshas

      I am sure you had a bad experience while you were a little girl,and I can also understand how you never shared it to anyone or got closure. But, what I don’t understand is,how you can widely generalise about India based on a couple of experiences. Sure, terrible things happen in India, sure, there are rapists and paedophiles and potential murderers prowling the alleys, but that is also true about the US, and all other countries in the world. Spending 6 years away from India probably has made you see clearer, the way our culture looks to a foreigner, but you are not one, remember that when you slap on the generalisation that India is the rape capital of the world out there.
      I am on my 8th year away from home. When I go home, I do encounter staring and street people asking private questions. I am not justifying these things by saying that it has been that way forever, but it is , a fact. Lack of privacy,humidity, nosy relatives, these are all parrt and parcel of being an Indian.
      I have travelled all over the world and encountered staring from most places, especially eastern Europe, and most definitely Italy. So should I say,that they are leering at me just because they are looking at me?I accepted it as a manifestation of the fact that I was an anomaly there, a brown person in a sea of white. So were you in India,with a white man. It is nothing to be paranoid about.
      I speak of this because I do know this for a fact- I have seen people act all standoffish and pretend that they were more ‘evolved’ once they have spend a few years in the so called ‘civilized world’, in other words, fake. Frankly my dear, you are reeking way too much of that sentiment.

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