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If A Pillow Pet And A Snuggie Had A Child... This Would Be It

Feast your eyes on JAnimals. If you didn't catch this magical commercial during the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family... what on earth were you doing!? Anyway, find a recap below:

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You can wear them in the day or night. For an afternoon look, it's recommended you go with the more casual Zebra. When the sun goes down and you're ready to hit the club, spice it up with the giraffe, America's sexiest animal.


You can comfortably do a variety of Bat Mitzvah party dances in JAnimals such as the Grapevine, Hustle, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA and Macarena. Wear Janimals to your next shindig to show everyone you're a true party animal.


See how quickly this JAnimal goes from cat to a cat suit? If you're looking to make some extra money by dressing up and asking for tips in Times Square, this is the most portable way to transport your costume.

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