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52 Quirky Gifts Under $50

Feast your eyes on the ultimate Gift Guide, filled with cool stuff for that special eccentric person in your life, all for under $50.

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1. For that competitive friend who wants her game face immortalized

Personalized Ping Pong Paddles$45.59

2. For the poker-playing cat lover in your life

3D Cat Playing Cards$19.79

3. For the person who is constantly singing songs from Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Shot Glass$6

4. For that special someone who wants to fall asleep on your face

Personalized Pillow (Mushion)$22.79

5. For the apathetic, coffee drinker in your life

I Donut Care Mug$13.00

6. For the gamer who still uses bar soap

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps$15.16

7. For someone who would love a personalized message on a potato (Idk who wouldn't)

Potato Parcel - Custom Message on a Potato$9.99

8. For someone who's trying to find themselves artistically

Allosaurus Dinosaur Artist Print$11.00

9. For that friend who loves rap but also appreciates the age-old tradition of cross stitch

Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind Wall Hanging Hoop Art$39

10. For the friend who always hosts

Airstream Papel Picado Banner$24

11. For that person who talks about Octoberfest but doesn't actually like beer


12. For the friend who always complains that her Facebook feed is full of people having babies

Baby Shower$2.50

13. For the history buff who also believes a zombie-robot apocalypse will happen indefinitely

Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, Robot Art$20

14. For the cheese lover in your life (even though they say it upsets their stomach)

Cheese Types Poster$29

15. Because you probably know more than one cheese lover and can't get them the same gift

Grilled Cheese Necklace$22

16. For that person who knows how to throw some serious shade

Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development Needlecraft Wall Decor Hoop$22.48

17. For the friend who falls asleep in the library

Pillow Notebook$19.71

18. For the friend who wants to be internet famous

You're the Star$13.95

19. For that person who doesn't let past failures keep him from the kitchen

The Muppets - Swedish Chef$20

20. For the friend who loves a pop of color

Felt Floral Letter w/ Succulents$35

21. For that person who's enthusiastic about life and enthusiastic about SNL

Target Lady SNL Coffee Mug$16

22. For your glasses wearing girl or guy

Eyeglass Stand$40

23. For the person who dreams of jetsetting

Airplane Garland Kit$14

24. For that friend who's always quoting Shakespeare

Shakespeare Punching Puppet$16.95

25. For someone with a sweet tooth

Donut Garland$14

26. For that person who appreciates the overlap of pop culture and politics

Jackson Five$5

27. For the person who likes things spelled out

Mini 7 Inch Gold/Silver Mylar Letters$4.75

28. For that person who always seems just a little *TOO* relaxed

Sloths garland$16.60

29. For the crazy cat lady

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure$14.95

30. For the friend who believes bikini season and pizza don't have to be enemies

Pizza Towel$49.95

31. For the Brooklyn-ite in us all

Brooklynese "Shuguh" Sugar Bowl$13.95

32. For the intellectual friend who wears a smoking jacket

Read or Die Fez$11.95

33. For the person who needs their beauty sleep

Pug Sleep Mask$22

34. For that friend who lives every week like it's shark week

Shark Bowl$16

35. For that person who's always telling you to check out this new band

Music Branches Headphone Splitter$10

36. For the friend who dumpster dives and wants to be subtle about it

Raccoon Mask$27.95

37. For that person who's gotten one too many tickets

Parking Ticket Tray$16.95

38. For the friend who's just too damn classy

Pencil Eraser Hats$3.50

39. For the coworker who brings the same sandwich for lunch every day

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags$3.99

40. For the person who's constantly sarcastic

Intervention-ware Cereal Bowl$13.95

41. For that someone who likes it hot

Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain$8

42. For the person who just wants to be comfy

Comfy Feet Hippo Slippers$26.95

43. For that friend who's always pulling out his guitar at the most obnoxious times

Guitar Pick Punch$25

44. For the person who applauds establishments for being mediocre

Health Grade "B" Tray$19.95

45. For that someone who understands man's best friends are dogs and pizza

English Bulldog and Pizza Socks$25

46. For the friend who has a baby but still knows what's up

Taco Booties$25

47. For that person who believes in conspiracy theories (and loves cute animals)

Cat Card, Leaning Tower of Pisa$4

48. For that friend who always talks about her time abroad in London

British Accent Breath Spray$5.99

49. For that person who always drinks too much tequila and feels like death in the morning

Doomed Shot Glass$11.99

50. For that person who wants to bring some of NYC's finest elements inside the home

Funny Doormat Sewer Cover$24.99

51. For that friend who tells it like it is

Hipster Potato Quote Poster Print$15

52. For that person who needs constant companionship

Mu Xier Boyfriend Pillow$27.69

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