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10 Reasons Why Facebook Is A Sorority Girl's Best Friend

Facebook is the essential social media network for Greek life. Here's why...

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1. Adding 200+ people to your friends list

You have just become part of an unbreakable bond. A lifelong sisterhood. You definitely need make it Facebook official by accepting the 200+ friend requests from your new sisters!

2. Knowing what is going on

From sisterhood events and date-functions, to waltzes and guest brunches, there's so much going on. It's impossible to know when and where everything is happening. Luckily the 20+ Facebook groups and event pages you have been added to are there to keep you informed and help you stay organized so you never have to worry about fomo.

3. Fundraising for Philanthropies

Your Facebook feed is the PERFECT place to post long posts with links to tilt, gofundme, and your dance marathon account to promote your philanthropies. Let's face it most college kids aren't ballin' in their twenties so you are going to need to reach out to friends and family for solid donations.

4. Knowing whats for lunch

If you're like me it's something you find yourself wondering every day. What have the Chef and Kitchen boys whipped up for lunch? Good thing there's a Facebook group for that to keep you in the know.

6. Online shopping

Girls love shopping. It's just a fact of life. But sometimes our bank accounts are running a little low and we can't afford what we have piled into our multiple online shopping carts. This is where Facebook buy and sell groups come in handy. Just post a few pics of things you don't wear anymore, hope someone is willing to buy them, and voilĂ ! More money for more clothes!

7. You never have to be alone.

Being alone does suck. People get busy and don't always have time to hang out or go places with you. Luckily, out of 200+ girls there's a pretty high chance that at least one of them will want to hang out with you!

8. Taking cute pictures and sharing them with everyone

Why spend countless hours taking pictures if you aren't going to share them with everyone? Facebook let's you show all of your friends and family all the fun things you have been up to in college.

9. Hosting the best parties

Facebook allows you to reach basically everyone you have ever met before which means you'll never be short on people to invite to your events. Why leave anyone out? Just add everyone!

10. Facebook has everything and is everything

When you're in a sorority, Facebook is your life. It has all of your friends and makes your social life 10x better and more convenient so don't ever take it for granted!

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