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    Guys This Os Getting Really Serious

    This may be a long post-

    Ok guys

    this stuff w Ihatemarvelgirl02 is getting really serious

    They are accusing Ashoka401 of some serious stuff which is obviously something that he did not do

    Hun your like three years old how could you break into someone’s house?

    Read their post and comment defending Ashoka pls. He is so close to leaving we can’t let him!!

    I don’t know how much longer I can go on with all of these people around

    Accusations. Lies. Bullying. Fake ness. That’s what buzzfeed has now become

    These people are really Messed up

    Don’t be surprised if one day u make a goodbye post and leave

    I’m out if this continues for a second longer

    So bullies- cut the shit. Leave. Stop lying to us and yourselves

    At this point it’s just cringed more than hurtful to us when it’s so obvious that your deranged and lying

    🖕🏻 The bullies can shove it

    And for the rest of you wonderful people- never loose your sparkle 💖 ✨