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Top 10 Best Summer Drinks in Carrollton, GA!

We all love our hometowns and all the "little things" that make it feel like home, especially during Sunny Season! Summer is not a success without it's Tasty little Cocktails from your Local Watering Hole! The Squire Squad has scoured the town to find the Best of the BEST in Summer Drinks (in no particular order!)!

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1. 302 South Street- Printer's Ale Beer

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

302 South Street has been a town favorite for 6 years now! I love hanging out on their front porch on a Friday Night, listening to live music and chowing down on one of their Famous Sandwiches like the Eiffel Tower, the Gold Fever Pork Grilled Cheese, or the Hotlanta wrap... all while washing it down with an ice cold beer! Our favorite beer to sip on (or chug) is a local beer from Printer's Ale Brewery! They use Hibiscus Lime as one of their ingredients, which makes it EXTREMELY TASTY! Tell our Favorite Bartender, Ryan, that we said he can be VERY generous with his pour! ;)

2. Little Hawaiian- Sangria

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

Little Hawaiian is an Award Winning Restaurant that has been open for 14 years. They are known for their amazing seafood, and really anything on the menu! Dishes are prepared with locally-grown organic vegetables and freshly flown-in seafood. The "Goodness" doesn't stop at the Food Menu! Their drinks are AhhhhMazing! Our Favorite Summer drink is their Signature Sangria which is House‐made with red wine & fresh seasonal fruits! Go see our new bartender friend Sydney for this refreshing cocktail!

3. Irish Bred Pub

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

Ever felt a little "Shipwrecked" after a long day at work during the Dog Days of Summer?? The Irish Bred Pub's gotta drink that'll take you THERE and BACK within 30 Minutes!! This extra special concoction containing things like Bacardi Banana, Sugar Island Spiced Rum, a little Pineapple and Orange, with some Grenadine swirled in, OH and Add a Corona on Top is called The Shipwreck! Play a few Island Tunes... sip this little mixture.. sit back... and RELAX! Our town Pub is the Place to be this summer to cool off and get some good eats! All of their daily specials this summer will keep you coming back for more!

4. City Tavern- Raspberry Moscow Mule

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

The City Tavern will always hold a SPECIAL place in our heart, since it was the ORIGINAL location of The Squire Shop! The Tavern has been completely renovated and transformed into one of our favorite Bars/Eateries! Their menu is full of local favorites such as their Pimento Cheese Nachos and Grilled Kielbasa Sausage Platter! YUUUUMMM! The drink that "does the trick" for us this summer is their Raspberry Moscow Mule. Ingredients such as Ginger Beer, Raspberry Absolute, and Lime Juice mixed to perfection in one of their Copper Mugs give it that Oh So Tasty summer satisfaction! Our Bartender Reagan is a pro at mixing these up along with $2 Tequila Shots every Tuesday!

5. Plates on the Square- Berry Margarit-Oh!

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

What do ya get when you mix Bacardi Limon Rum, Soda, Muddled Mint & Strawberries and a Splash of Marg Mix?? You get a Delightful little drink called a Berry Margarit-Oh! created by the staff at Uncorked: Plates on the Square! Our bartender friend Ria is an Exceptional Mixologist always ready to mix your favorite drink and offer you a wide array of tasty treats such as Wild Mushroom and Artichoke Dip or Crawfish Mac 'n' Cheese! They also offer a great selection of Wine Flights if you're more of a "Wine Person"!

6. Brown Dog Eatery- Southern 75

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

Brown Dog Deli is new to Carrollton, but has a sister location in Charleston, SC! Brown Dog's Motto is to offer portions as soulful and original as the people of Carrollton! Chef Wes Denney whips up some of the most Amazing and Unique Apps, Entrees, Desserts, and Cocktails you've EVER HAD! Hendrix, Peach Schnapps, Lemon, and a Splash of Champagne is NOT a recipe for Disaster, but a Fresh & Light cocktail called "Southern 75" that'll make your Head Spin!

7. Moe's Original Bar B Que- Blackberry Bourbon Smash

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

If you need to catch your breath and "chill out" a bit, head on over to Hudson Mill and hit up Moe's Original for some Homemade Blackberry puree Deliciousness! Bartender Jazlyn says the Blackberry Bourbon Smash is this Summers Best Drink! If you're there on a Tuesday, step outside and watch Carrollton's newest League! The West Georgia Cornhole League!

8. La Trattoria- Beer Flight

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

La Trattoria (pronounced La Tra-tor-ia) is quickly becoming one of our Favorite Italian Eateries! They offer a full menu of traditional pastas and a killer lasagna in half or whole portions! BTW their Olive Salad is to TO DIE FOR for all you Olive Lovers! The cool thing about La Trattoria is that they let you CHOOSE the beers on your Beer Flight, so there's never that, "I liked all but 1 beer" type of chatter! THIS is one of the many reasons they rank on our Top 10 List!! Our Bartender Kendall said to wear a La Trattoria T-Shirt on Tuesdays and he'll give you a deal you can't pass up!!

9. Loco Mex- Dirty Mexican

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

What's Colder than Cold, ICE COLD! That'll make you Hotter than HOT?? Give up? It's the Dirty Mexican from Loco Mex! I'm tellin ya, this drink... is everything! A little mixture of familiar additives such as Triple Sec, EVERCLEAR, and some Margarita Mix blended up perfectly = Summer Perfection in a cup! (WARNING! Having one MAY BE ENOUGH!) Be sure to ask for Amy and maybe she'll give you a freebie!

10. Jefferson's- Pina Colada

The Squire Shop Carrollton, GA / Via

Pina Colada, Wing Baskets, Oreo Pies OH MY!! This new Carrollton Establishment opened just in time for Summer! Jefferson's has got lots of food, lots of Summer Drink choices, and a very cool, and nostalgic, atmosphere! It's hard to believe, but I've searched High and Low to find the Best Pina Colada in town! With their Ice Cream Pina Colada mixture, this drink is MmmmmHmmm Good!

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