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What Is Air Force Life Like? 12 Posters That Romanticize Flight

Nick Anderson and crew over at set out on a lofty goal of creating vintage travel posters for every USAF installation. 6 months later and they're almost done!

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2. The 13th Bomb Squadron flying the B-2 Stealth Bomber out of Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri

The B-2 is America's most expensive plane costing $2.2B. Knob Noster, Missouri is a small town that houses some of the world's most awe inspiring firepower.

7. The Gigantic C-5 Galaxies fly out of Dover Air Force Base, Delaware


The Dover racetrack known as the "Monster Mile" has a giant statue of a rock monster throwing a race car...This poster has the giant rock monster throwing one of the world's biggest aircraft like a paper plane. Amazing print!

8. C-17s fly at Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina


The C-17 is a large military aircraft that can land on dirt runways...with a tank in the back! Many of these planes are stationed near Charleston, South Carolina. You can see the Charleston Bridge and the famous lighthouse in the background. There's also the classic Palmetto Tree and crescent moon that screams South Carolina.

13. Bonus! All Air Force pilots have to start somewhere...DA-20 Initial Flight School, Colorado


Diamond DA-20 Trainer flying over the Rockies, the title is kind of ironic "Rocky Landings Flight School", even Air Force pilots have rocky landings when they start!

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