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    Here Are 10 Of My Favorite Underrated Video Games That You Need To Play ASAP

    No, seriously, they deserve more love than just being labeled an "indie" game.

    Okay maybe some of them you have heard of before, but you should really go play these games right now!

    1. Graveyard Keeper

    A stardew valley type of game where you run your own graveyard and complete villager quests!

    2. Not Tonight

    Papers please, but its a bouncer.

    3. Kingdom Two Crowns

    2d side scrolling game where you build and defend your kingdom. Protect the crown at all costs

    4. Stella Glow

    Fire emblem with the cutest anime waifu's. Best story of any video game ever.

    5. Growing Up

    animated teen with chin-length hair and a beanie holds a backpack over their shoulder

    6. Turmoil

    drawing of mountains and a sunrise with the word "turmoil" over the mountains

    7. Yes, Your Grace

    Your decisions mean everything. You are the King, now who will survive the story?

    8. Game Dev Tycoon

    The best game dev tycoon simulation game ever.

    9. Planet Zoo

    The most fun way to run a zoo.

    10. Surviving Mars

    Create the first colony on Mars.

    What are some of your favorite underrated games? Let me know in the comments!