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People Share The Craziest Adventures They've Had With Their BFF

"Uh, you can't bring a cannonball onto an airplane, sir."

Best friends are beautiful, magical creatures that will always have your back no matter what.

With that in mind, we asked people to share their most epic BFF adventure stories:

1. Cannonballs

"My best friend and I took a trip to Sweden for a couple of weeks. We stayed in an old castle. It was awesome. One day, my friend took a solo trip to a local museum. He came back later that day with an antique cannonball that he'd stolen from the museum. I lectured him about why that was a terrible, horrible thing to do, and he eventually decided to get rid of the evidence by dropping the antique cannonball into the mote around our castle. I couldn't tolerate the idea of throwing an antique into a mote, so I said I'd take it back to the US. So I put this extremely heavy cannonball in my luggage and headed to the airport. At the security checkpoint, the TSA guy looked in my bag (of course) and said, "Uh, you can't bring a cannonball onto an airplane." Trying to stay cool and calm, I said "Why? It's not like I have a cannon to use it in." He thought about it for a minute, and then he said, "OK, you can go." I still have the cannonball, and we both appreciate this unusual reminder of our friendship." —Dan P.

2. Something To Wine About

"A bunch of friends and I planned a weekend getaway to Solvang, a precious little Danish town in California with tons of wine tasting. We arrived and immediately hit a winery for a tasting. A few hours (and bottles) later, we thought it would be a great idea to rent a group bicycle and cruise around town. It was not a good idea. One thing led to another, and we ended up crashing the bicycle into a hotel. Some of the girls had to go to urgent care, and we all had to pitch in to pay for the damaged bike and hotel wall. It was great fun, though!" —Kate D.

3. Ride-scare

When I graduated college, I took a Euro Trip with my BFF. We were on an extremely tight budget, so in terms of travel, ridesharing was our cheapest option. We made the arrangements and met our first rideshare at a gas station. Nobody spoke english, so we spent the entire car ride from Berlin to Prague trying to overcome the language barrier. We finally arrived at our hostel and logged onto the wifi, and I got an email from our rideshare saying that they'd waited for 2 hours and then left. It turns out we accidentally got into a car with total strangers who thought we were just hitchhikers! Luckily, we did not get murdered." —Britney P.

4. Let's Make A Deal

"My BFF and I took a trip to India. We had pre-booked a ride from the train station to our hotel. It was a bit expensive, though, so we decided to just grab a cheaper taxi instead. It was pouring rain as soon as we stepped outside, and we were bombarded by about a zillion taxi drivers. We picked one and hopped in his cab, and he proceeded to take us on a crazy route, trying to get us to book a room at another hotel the entire way. On top of that, the rain was blocking streets. It was madness. Eventually, our driver turned down a dicey, rain-flooded road. The car instantly started taking on filthy street water. Not just a little bit of water, like a LOT of water. The car was flooding! He refused to pull over or let us out. Then the car's exhaust fumes started coming inside the car. We finally started screaming until he let us out. Then he argued with us in the pouring rain for about 15 minutes, claiming we owed him money. Eventually, we were rescued by a nice local guy who diffused the situation and took us to our hotel. The moral of the story is: just pay the few extra dollars for the hotel transfer!" —Rhonda V.

5. Cana-Duh

"When I was living in NYC, my BFF and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Montreal. In the middle of December. Needless to say, it took us 12 hours of driving through a snowstorm. About five minutes after we crossed the Canadian border, a cop pulled us over, so I pulled to the left side of the road...which was the wrong side to pull to. The cop was irate and threatened to give me a $1,000 ticket for pulling off on the wrong side. Then he asked for my driver's license, which was expired by exactly one week. Long story short: I was looking at $4,000 in fines, and they were going to take the car because neither of us had a legal driver's license. Also, he was going to tow the car (which was my BFF's mom's car), so she'd have to come to Montreal to get it back. And we'd be stranded. In Canada. In a snowstorm. So I did the only thing I could think of: I started crying. Hysterically. I made him so uncomfortable that he decided to just give me a $30 ticket and send us back to the states. BEST TRIP OF MY LIIIIIFE." —Emily W.

6. Must Love (Feral) Dogs

"My BFF and I went on a trip to India for a few weeks to visit a friend who had been living there. He had generously invited us to stay at his wife's family's house in Goa, so we couldn't pass it up. Our local friend met us at the house, then we went down to a local market for some water and supplies. He also warned us that Goa has a pretty bad feral-dog problem and that they can be dangerous when they're in large groups. I was like, "Yeah, OK, whatever, I love dogs." We split up, and our local friend asked if we knew the way back to the house. We were like "Yep!" and set off on our way. But we didn't know our way back to the house. In fact, we had no idea where we were going. It wasn't an urban area; it was mostly jungle and dirt roads. So we quickly got lost. And he was not exaggerating about the feral dogs, either. We wandered the roads for hours, scaring off packs of feral dogs at every turn. We never found the house that night, but we did come upon a hotel. We paid for a room, and the next morning we found an internet cafe and emailed our friend to tell him about the night. He came and rescued us, then took us to the house, which was literally 400 feet from the market we'd been at. We just hadn't gone down that road because we both agreed that it seemed too close. Anyway, if you're considering a trip to Goa, I'd highly recommend it."

—Irene D.

7. Pee-va La France!

"A few years ago, my best friend and I took a trip to Paris. One night, after exploring the 7th arrondissement, I realized that I really needed to use the restroom. We had trouble finding a public bathroom. Finally, we stumbled upon a hotel on a relatively deserted street. We went into the foyer, made our way to the second floor, and finally found a restroom. After taking care of business, we shuffled through the lobby toward the door. That's when an angry old Frenchman came out of nowhere and stopped us in our tracks and began yelling at us in French. My friend tried to apologize, and, upon realizing that we were American, the Frenchman started threatening in English to call the police. My friend just ran through the revolving door back to the street. When I tried to do the same thing, the Frenchman got into the same revolving door compartment as me and continued screaming in my face. When I finally got outside, we ran like heck down the street until we couldn't run anymore. Viva la France!" —Kevin P.

8. Camb-woah-dia

"My best friend and I took a trip to Cambodia. One night, we were coming back from the beach. We had to walk through a little jungle area to get back to our hotel. We were cut off by some Cambodian police, who started questioning us about who we were, what we were doing there, etc. They had guns and were wearing cop uniforms, but we quickly noticed that they were all wearing sneakers. These weren't actual cops at al! We started to get scared. Suddenly, my friend just darted off into the jungle. Panicked, I did the same thing. The "cops" tried to chase us, but the jungle was dense and dark. Somehow, miraculously, we made it back to the hotel safely. The next morning, we went to a nearby coffee shop for some breakfast. We walked into the shop, and lo and behold, who do I see enjoying a morning coffee but the leader of the fake cop gang from the night before! I walked up to him in the crowded coffee shop and started screaming at him. I just ripped into this filthy criminal until my friend dragged me out of the shop. Justice had been served! My friend said, "Why did you do that?!" I said, "What? I'm not scared of those fake cops. I want everyone to know that they're criminals! F*** those guys!" Then, very calmly, my friend said, "That wasn't the guy from last night. You just screamed at a random stranger in a coffee shop." ...Oops. —Garret C.

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What's the craziest adventure you've ever had with your BFF? Share your stories in the comments below, and don't miss the ultimate BFF adventure The Spy Who Dumped Me , now playing in theaters!

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