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Dogs At Polling Stations Is The Best Thing About Our Democracy

It's that time again. When doggos get their chance to do their democratic duty.

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Well dressed doggo out to vote

There was quite a queue at some polling stations...

Our Polling Stations are open until 10pm tonight #Vote #GE2017 Polling cards and dogs optional…

Others missed the memo that black tie was optional

Someone's taking voting very seriously! #dogsatpollingstations

From the most earnest voters...

Up early and casting our vote in Canterbury #dogsatpollingstations -

... to the slightly confused

Phoebe doesn't know which pawty to vote for #dogsatpollingstations #GeneralElection @DogsTrust

The biggest doggos...

Step aside #dogsatpollingstations, Ranger the horse is in town 🐎

To the tiniest puppers

For the sake of these Frenchies, vote against Hard Brexit & Vote Labour. They are not a bargaining chip.…

#dogsatpollingstations is one of the best things about being British

Mavis knows what day it is! Dramatic stare into the distance for added reflection #DogsAtPollingStations #GE2107 🐶…

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