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K-Pop Reaching All Nationalities: Kids Dance Cover

3rd through 7th grade students perform a k-pop music video. Sprout U School of the Arts allows the students to express themselves through the performing arts. They have Korean as an elective and through Korean music, the students are learning different words and phrases. They have recently taken a deep interest in K-pop and so have created a couple of music videos using some of their favorite K-pop songs. Last week, they created the "All I Wanna Do" music video by Jay Park using their classrooms as the background and their handpicked costumes. The video not only showcases their talent in dancing, but it also shows that the students' transition to becoming multicultural and showcases their Korean skills.

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Kids Dance Cover: All I Wanna Do

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The students at Sprout U school of the arts love Kpop and decided to do a dance cover /music video of Jay Park's song All I Wanna Do. They added their own moves to spice up the dance. We hope you enjoy.

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